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Seminar series: Processes from ISO 19770 et seq.

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  • Duration: 6 days
  • Online or on-site
  • Seminars can also be booked invididually
  • All prices exclusive all VAT if applicable

After participating in this six-day seminar series, you will be very familiar with the processes from the ISO 19770 et seq. standard.

You will receive important information about ITAM, SAM and LIMA and how you can implement them in your company. You will also learn what a license audit is and how you can protect yourself against it.

Part 1: Seminar Basics ITAM

  • Definition: What is IT Asset Management (ITAM)?
  • Main goals of ITAM 
  • ISO 19770 et seq. 
  • Classification of ITAM in the IT process landscape
  • Roles and functions, ITAM-Organisation 
  • Applied ITAM in practice 
  • Demo: Ad-hoc inventory using MAP-Toolkit und GLPI 

Part 2: Seminar Basics SAM

  • Definition: What is Software-Asset-Management (SAM)?
  • Distinction from ITAM 
  • Main goals of SAM 
  • Classification of SAM in the IT process landscape 
  • Copyright
  • Right of Use
  • License agreements
  • Software catalogue 
  • Purchase and sale of used software 
  • Exercise: Analysis of license agreements, framework agreements, general terms, and conditions, etc. 

Part 3: Seminar Basics LIMA

  • Definition: What is license management (LIMA)?
  • Distinction from ITAM und SAM 
  • Classification of LIMA in the IT process landscape 
  • What is a software license? 
  • Proprietary software 
  • Open-source software 
  • Exercise: Determination of usage rights based on different license agreements
  • Development of a license balance tool
  • Main manufacturers
  • Key license metrics
  • How do I prepare for a license audit? 
  • Exercise: Daily business of a license manager 

Part 4: Advanced Seminar ITAM und SAM

  • Interfaces to ISO 27001 and ISO 20000 
  • Associated processes such as contract and vendor management or IT procurement
  • Market overview: tools for ITAM, SAM 
  • Selection and implementation of the tools for your project, including specifications, functional specifications (standard and customising), project organisation, milestones, and best practices
  • One tool for everything: demarcation and interfaces between IT asset management, information security, data protection and IT service management
  • Exercise: Daily business of a license manager 

Part 5: Advanced Seminar LIMA

  • Main processes
  • Creation and structure of a license directory
  • Automated creation of a license balance
  • Continuous improvement: KPIs in license management 
  • Analysis: Daily business of a license manager
  • Role play: Communication with management
  • Best practices
  • FAQs 

Part 6: Advanced Seminar Audit Defence

  • Definition: What is a Software License Audit (SLA)? 
  • Main objectives of an audit defence
  • Roles and functions, audit organisation 
  • Legal and contractual bases
  • Life cycle of an audit
  • Exercise: Create a checklist 
  • Exercise: Audit simulation 


  • Online
  • On-site

Target Audience

  • License managers
  • Administrators
  • IT managers

Requirements for Participation

  • Basic knowledge of software- & IT-infrastructure 
  • IT processes

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