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Are you looking to sell your unused software licenses?
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Is your corporation responsible for managing your licenses? Have you transitioned to a cloud-based solution? Your unused or outdated software licenses still have value. liop® offers substantial compensation for your surplus or used software licenses.

Sell unused software licenses

By selling software licenses that are no longer used, you relieve your IT budget and support a sustainable life cycle.

  • Contact us with details of the software you wish to sell.
  • If we are interested in the software you offer, we will respond with an initial, non-binding price indication.
  • Both parties sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).
  • Now give liop® access to your portal so that we can check the actual license inventory and the maintenance chain.
  • Based on a report on the license inventory offered for sale, liop® creates a final purchase offer.
  • If you accept this, sign a waiver and then provide all necessary installation media and/or activation keys as well as proof of the initial purchase of the licenses.
  • When all liabilities have been met, send your invoice to liop® and thus complete the process.
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Software sales process from liop®

Selling Software Licenses – 
The Advantages

Are you looking to sell your unused software licenses?

Please use our form to contact us and we will provide a custom quote as fast as possible.


Which regulations are applicable?

The sale of used software licenses is governed by EU regulations, with corresponding court rulings providing clear guidelines. As a result, we can offer buyers and sellers a secure and lawful process and are available to assist with any licensing-related questions.

Please note that we only accept software sales from companies residing in the European Union or Switzerland.

Buying and selling software licenses – liop® is your partner for all software related questions

Our online store not only offers pre-owned software licenses, but also a variety of IT solutions. liop® is a proud Microsoft Partner, providing both traditional on-premise licenses and cloud-based solutions like Microsoft 365.

We are here to help you find the right product for your needs and provide personalized support for deployment inquiries – tailored to meet your specific IT requirements.

Are you looking to sell used licenses or inquire about newer versions? Get in touch with us today for fast and efficient assistance.

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