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Licensing of hybrid infrastructures

You would like to use SaaS, but still have to operate part of your infrastructure on-premises?

We can provide you with comprehensive, competent and, above all, manufacturer-independent advice on this topic: If you wish, we can analyse your current software landscape and support you in developing a hybrid license model tailored to your needs. liop® will explain which usage rights you need for a hybrid infrastructure, which licenses are best for you to migrate for SaaS and which you should rather continue to use on-premises.

You would like to optimise your software landscape and need advice?

Feel free to send us a message at any time or contact us by phone so that we can discuss how you can optimise your software landscape.

Benefit from our network


Through our extensive network of experts, we can also offer you the following services.

Cloud Strategy

You want to replace your current on-premises software with a SaaS solution, but don’t know what the best strategy for moving to the Cloud is?

If you are unfamiliar with terms such as “Cloud Governance” or “user on-/offboarding”, we would be happy to support you in developing a successful Cloud strategy. Here we involve partner companies that operate strategy consulting as a day-to-day business, while liop® takes care of the corresponding license consulting – so you definitely get the best possible and, above all, manufacturer-independent advice.

Cloud Migration
The liop® symbol, which represents a cloud migration, shows a PC with an arrow pointing in the direction of a cloud.

You would like to use software in the Cloud, but don’t know how to best carry out the migration?

If you do not have enough experience or the technical capabilities to migrate to SaaS yourself, we are happy to support you. liop® works together with qualified partner companies who operate SaaS migrations as a day-to-day business, while we take care of the corresponding license advice – manufacturer-independent and objective.

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