Use ITAM, SAM und LIMA for your success



Process Analysis

You would like to know whether ITAM, SAM or LIMA processes corresponding to the ISO 19770 et seq. standard are already being implemented in your company?

During the process analysis, liop® works with you to take stock of your current processes and then evaluates them in accordance with the requirements of the ISO standard.

liop® has developed a questionnaire that our PMO team uses to ask the various departments in your company about the current processes. The recorded processes are then documented using the BPNM tool and are compared with the reference processes of ISO 19770 et seq., so that we can easily find out where your company currently stands.


Process Design

Would you like to introduce ITAM, SAM or LIMA processes, but need help in designing and implementing them?

After the current status has been established in the course of the ITAM, SAM and LIMA process analysis, liop® evaluates this and develops the missing processes based on ISO 19770 et seq. together with you. Your processes determine the tool – not the other way around! Using established project management methods, we develop an individual plan so that you can introduce these defined processes in your company.

Requirements for this offer:

  • The inventory of the existing processes is completed.
  • You have received budget approval from your company’s management for the development and implementation of ITAM, SAM and LIMA processes.


Introduction of a toolset

Would you like to introduce one or more tools in your company to optimally support the processes of ITAM, SAM and LIMA?

The market for tool providers is large. liop® provides you with competent, manufacturer- independent support in viewing and evaluating the available tools. With established methods and relevant expertise, we carry out a proof of concept and are also available to advise you on the introduction of the toolset.

Would you like to know whether processes that comply with the ISO 19770 et seq. standard are already being implemented in your company?

On request, we can take stock and evaluate the extent to which your company processes already comply with the ISO standard 19770 et seq. Feel free to send us a message at any time or contact us by phone so that we can discuss the details.

Term definitions



IT-Asset Management

The term „IT asset management”, or ITAM for short, describes the entirety of all business processes that combine the financial and contractual aspects of IT assets with your inventory elements. IT assets include computers, software programs and users.


Software-Asset Management

The term „Software Asset Management”, SAM for short, describes the controlled procurement, distribution, use and maintenance of software. The essential aspect of SAM is to answer the following questions:

  • How many software licenses does your company have?
  • What software have you bought, rented, or downloaded for free?
  • How much does your company pay for software licenses and maintenance?
  • Compliance: Is the software used in accordance with the terms of use?


License Management

License management or software license management, LIMA for short, is a process in the company that ensures the legally compliant and efficient handling of software licenses in the company.

License management affects all areas of the company, from procurement to each PC workstation and management.

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