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License manager training

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  • Duration: 2 days
  • Online or on-site
  • All prices exclusive all VAT if applicable

After successfully completing this seminar, you will know the difference between IT asset management (ITAM) and software asset management (SAM) and know how to implement processes and tools for software asset management. If a license audit is announced to your company, you can manage it yourself and proactively minimise any risks. You also know which tasks a license manager is responsible for and know how to carry them out.

The two-day license manager training starts on day 1 with the theoretical basics and puts them in the practical context of everyday work on day 2. After completing the training, you will be perfectly prepared for your position as a license manager.


  • What is behind the ISO 19770 process?
  • Best practices: How do others do it? 
  • Main tasks of a license manager
  • Create awareness among employees
  • Practical session: How to introduce SAM in the company

Day 1 - Theory

  • Definition of terms: IT Asset Management (ITAM) vs. Software Asset Management (SAM) 
  • ISO 19770 et seq.
  • Legal basis
  • EU and German law
  • Copyright and its consequences
  • Objectives of ITAM/SAM 
  • Identify and avoid over-licensing and under-licensing
  • Identify and avoid license risks before they arise
  • Processes from ISO 19770 et seq.
  • Assignment of a license
  • Obligation to record 
  • Practical, relevant processes
  • Software catalogue 
  • Inventory
  • Roles and functions, process organisation
  • Process Owners
  • Process managers
  • Stakeholders 
  • Tool selection and implementation 
  • Open Source 
  • proprietary tools 
  • Interfaces to ISO 27001 (IT-Security) and ISO 20000 (ITSM, ITIL) 
  • CMDB – there can only be one 
  • Contract-Management (CM) as interface to ITAM/SAM 
  • Contract register 
  • Deadlines 
  • Obtaining licenses: vendor management (VM)
  • Optimised, tool supported procurement
  • Outlook: what influence do Cloud, SaaS, Big Data, Industry 4.0, IoT & Machine Learning have on the processes?

Day 2 - Practice

  • Audit Defence: Implementation as a process
  • Forms of software license audits (SLAs)
  • When to expect an audit
  • Life cycle of an audit 
  • SLA after the SLA: How often will I be audited? 
  • Lucky once, how about the next time?
  • Maturity level of an SLA: How can I improve?
  • SLA as an IT process 
  • Strategic vs. operational SAM 
  • Ad-hoc inventory using the example of Microsoft MAP Toolkit/GLPI 
  • Installation, configuration 
  • What is my installed base?
  • ITAM/SAM in the Greenfield approach 
  • Checklist 
  • Best practices 
  • Development of a model SAM organisation with SAM processes and simulation of a tool selection


  • Online
  • On-site

Target Audience

  • CIOs
  • License managers
  • IT managers
  • CEOs/owners of SMEs
  • Administrators responsible for SAM

Requirements for Participation

  • Basic knowledge of Software- & IT infrastructure
  • Basic knowledge of IT processes

Current dates

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