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No industry is evolving as fast as IT, and software and its licensing is no exception. In this diverse and highly complex environment, it is often very time-consuming and costly for users to stay up-to-date. Terms such as license metrics, support channel, SKU or EoL are not understood by many or are often not even known.

This is where the liop® Academy comes into play: With our training and further education, you can acquire the necessary knowledge that you need when working in this area. For successfully completed training courses, you will receive a certificate at the end that confirms your participation.

Our trainers undergo regular further training and are therefore always up to date when it comes to the correct application of usage rights.

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In the Microsoft-specific training course we offer, you will learn everything you need to know about the various licensing options, support options, and license forms and programs from Microsoft.

Licensing at Microsoft is becoming more complex and confusing with each passing year – which is exactly why it makes sense to continue your education in this area! Licenses are now available as a download (ESD) in volume licensing programs or as an OEM or PKC with a license key and proof of purchase. EDS licenses are available directly from Microsoft or through partners and resellers in different license models and types. OEMs or PKCs usually only contain a license key and the software itself is only made available by Microsoft for download. If you want to learn more about software procurement and licensing at Microsoft, check out our courses in detail.

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Our Knowledge for your Success

In the liop®-Academy you will find a series of seminars and courses on various topics from the software world in which you and your employees can train and further educate yourself.

The training courses we offer, cover a wide variety of topics so that you can continue your education in exactly the area you need. At liop® you can, for example, train as a license manager, get further training on the ITAM, SAM and LIMA processes of ISO 19770 et seq. or learn how you can optimally protect yourself in the event of a license audit. Learn at liop®. Learn from the pros.

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Informative & free

Get an introductory overview of exciting software licensing topics with the free webinars from liop®.

With the help of the free webinars of the liop® Academy you can get an initial insight into various topics in the software and license world. The webinars offer an overview of the topics that are deepened in our seminars and workshops. Do you already know in which area you would like to further your education?

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