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Advanced Seminar: License Management (LIMA)

990,00 € p. P.
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Online or on-site
  • ISO 19770
  • All prices exclusive all VAT if applicable

What does a license manager have to do? What does a person taking on this role need to prepare for?

In this seminar, we act out a working day in the life of a license manager, so that the participants learn, using practical examples, how to do justice to their tasks as a license manager. In the course of the seminar, the most important processes in LIMA will be presented and discussed before a tool for ITAM (IT Asset Management), SAM (Software Asset Management) and LIMA (License Management) is selected. This is then introduced and used in the company. It explains how to create a license balance and which license balances can be created automatically or have to be created manually. After completing the seminar, you will also know what the Pareto principle is and how the 80/20 rule can help you.

This seminar is the last part of the seminar series Processes from ISO 19770. 


  • Most important (partial) processes in license management
  • Creation and structure of a license balance (manual)
  • Creation of a license balance (manual)
  • Project: Implementation of the tool
  • Continuous improvement: KPIs in license management
  • Exercise: Daily business of a license manager
  • Role play: communication with management
  • Best practices
  • FAQs  


  • Online
  • On-site

Target audience

  • License managers
  • Administrators
  • IT managers

Requirements for Participation

  • Basic knowledge of software & IT infrastructure, IT processes and service management
  • Successful participation in the seminars “Basics of IT Asset Management (ITAM)”, “Basics of Software Asset Management (SAM)”, “Basics of License Management (LIMA)” and “Advanced seminar for IT and Software Asset Management (ITAM) & (SAM)”.

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